How to get over depression

Knowing that we are depressed is one of the keys to overcoming depression. Knowing that everything we do involves choice. Everything is choice. Every decision we make, we choose to make it. We decide what we think and we decide what we think is best for us. We can choose again if the result doesn't feel good or feel right. Thoughts are things and there are no thoughts that are neutral, meaning there are no thoughts that have no effect upon your world. Every thought we have has an effect on us because of its power, energy and vibration. No word we put forth from our mouth returns to us void.

getting over depression

Another key is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key that parts the way of the Red Sea of your life. You can forgive yourself by saying "I forgive myself for what I thought I have done. I was mistaken. I apologize to myself. I love myself."

Forgive another by saying, "I forgive you for what I thought you have done to me. I was mistaken. I apologize to you. I release you to your good. I no longer choose to hold you in my mental prison as responsible." If need to, you can forgive yourself or that person or persons 70 x 7 days until you no longer feel uncomfortable, irritated or depressed.

Another step you might decide or choose is to surrender the struggle, the pain, the anguish, the illness, the hopelessness, the unforgiving nature, and the depression and not claim it as yours anymore. Give it over and up to Infinite Intelligence. We can stop any thought of ours because it is ours, not anyone else's. Only we can think our thoughts and we can stop any oppressive thought. If it doesn't make us feel good, we can upgrade our thoughts one level at a time to that which makes us feel better emotionally.

How do I stop thinking I am unworthy of anyone's love, anyone's companionship or forgiveness. I can do it by deciding "I am worthy." So, that is what I say and own now, "I am worthy." That is what I claim as the truth for myself. The energy of the words that come forth from you in saying, "I am worthy" puts forth the command to the Universe that you desire something better of life. You will be attracting those aspects of life that prove to you, you are worthy of receiving any desire that is best for you. The Universe will agree with anything you say and believe as real. All you need do is trust, receive and accept your new life's energy.

Decide to change one habit a week. If you drink 10 sodas a day, choose to drink maybe 2 a day, or 2 every other day, or 2 once a week until you down to none a day. Soda wears away the enamel of your teeth and irritates the tissue of your colon and intestines. If you are a shopaholic for example, go on your shopping spree. Then return everything you bought that day and get money back for a vacation you've wanted to take. Or use the money to give to a charitable organization that arranges to give clothes to people looking for job interview apparel. Or you could tithe the money saved to an organization that you feel helps your spiritual growth.

Look into changing what you are now eating. See if some of the foods could be depleting your energy. See if caffeine, chocolate, artificial ingredients need to be taken out of your nutritional intake. See if artificial sweeteners could be adding undue stress to your nerves, muscles, etc. If what you are doing is not working, then you must choose to do something differently in order to see something different in your life. Claim a new world by claiming, "I have reasons to be happy. I claim happiness and gratitude." The Universe again, will prove to you that you are correct.

And lastly, be grateful. Be grateful where you are in your consciousness now because it is prompting you to know you are in a place that does not make you feel happy. I was homeless at one time and I would not be where I am today if it were not for my being grateful among other things, for everything, friends, churches, books, who I was, what desires were placed in my heart, my health, etc. Each level of gratitude I embraced, the Universe doubled it, and gave me back more to be grateful for so now my cup "runneth" over.

* Believe and trust in yourself.
* Surrender old thought patterns and accept new healthy ones.
* Forgive yourself first and others next.
* Remember thoughts are not neutral.
* The Law of cause and effect is always operating with every thought we have

How to get over depression


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